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Affiliate Requirements

Here are the official rules to becoming an affiliate with Hayatsn MMA Academy.

Hayastan MMA Academy specializes in a mixed array of styles such as Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo (with the Gi). In regards to NO-GI we specialize in grappling,MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing; a complete style that involves every need of a top notch fighter.


  • Level 5 or higher Hayastan Grappling instructor actively attending your location.Or own a school or dojo under your name or responsibility

  • Host at least 1 of Gokor's Seminars per year or you must participate in at least 2 of Gokor's Seminars per year or train with Sensei Gokor at the main academy in North Hollywood twice per year

  • Must have all of your students registered in the association (15 Minimum within the first year of enrollment.)

  • Students must become association members ($25 for the year).To be considered members


Pay an academy accreditation fee of:  

​    $100 per month and participate in at least 2 of Gokor's Seminars per year or train with Sensei Gokor at the          main academy in North Hollywood twice per year. (You are not required to host seminar with this option.

  • Must be Approved by Sensei Gokor.

  • if one or more of the requirements can not be completed or do not agree with; please contact Gokor Chivichyan to find an alternative.

  • If you have any questions Contact Gokor: (818) 308-4656 


  • Publicly viewable profile on under Gokor's Academies for your School

  • Gokors media profile is one of the most visited websites/links among martial artists and instructors, it is an advantage to have a publicly viewable profile of the affiliate school and their main instructor as it helps promote the affiliate schools business in its surrounding areas

  • Full Bio about your school on the profile

  • Will list a full bio about the main instructor or instructors of the school, The whereabouts of the schools location, how long you have been participating in martial arts, all the student members and accomplishments

  • All contact info for your school on the profile with links to your website

  • This will make it easy for others too obtain information around your school, for example, if an individual is near the New Orleans area, and is looking for a gym to train in, he will be able to contact your gym via our website if he has been interested in the Hayastan System. You are allowed to provide us with any links you believe will aid your martial art business, and we will link them to make it available for others to see

  • Your school will be an available option for students to select when they register on the Hayastan MMA website.

  • National advertisement opportunities(Magazines,TV,Radio, ETC.) Hayastan MMA Academy is considered one of the top gyms in the United States, along with their instructors including Gokor Chivichyan and Gene Lebell, due to this publicity, Gokor/Gene and the Academy receives an abundant of public attention and awareness. Many Magazines write articles on the gym, Shoot Commercials, Host Hayastan on Live Radio. This gives you the opportunity to be a part of this networking system. Our affiliates are always mentioned and spoken about during these public events. This promotes the affiliate schools, their name and etc… It is a tool for advertising and networking to other individuals

  • Members and school affiliates receive a 10% discount on anything they purchase (DVDs,Accessories,Clothing).

  • A website that is in the works will provide the affiliated school members to view videos and new techniques that is only available to members. Fully Accredited Academy Certificate to display at your school

  • Participating School can now use Hayastan system as a source of advertisement and designation. Host tournaments or seminars under the name and etc...



  • After Being certified as an  affiliate school the instructor must learn and train in the system to be able to certify his or her students.

  • If the Instructor is level 5 and up (BLUE BELT/ONE STAR) He will be able to promote his or her students up to level 3 which would be considered (GREEN BELT, IN THE SYSTEM)

  • The Student will receive the certificate personally from Gokor Chivichyan; however it is only if the Main instructor at the affiliate school feels as if the student is ready for the promotion

  • Students who wish to be promoted further from level 3 in the Hayastan system will be individually promoted by Gokor, either via the affiliate school instructor,  notifying Gokor,  via live seminar being hosted  or a visit to the main academy in Los Angeles

  • our affiliation process does not require you to buy our products continuously, and we do not enforce strict requirements onto the affialtion process

  • What we recommend but not a requirement is using our logo with your name and specifying the Hayastan word in the final logo (Completely up to you)

  • Gokor recommends that you purchase the levels DVD that will teach you how to learn level 1-4. Any other merchandise that the school, instructor, or members are interested in

  • Purchasing is on their own behalf and will receive a 10% discount

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